International Federation for Information Processing

WG 11.2 was originally established in 1985 as the working group on Office Automation. The original statement of case was revised in 1992 and 1995 (we have no records when exactly the name of WG 11.2 was changed). Small systems are no longer limited to PCs and local area networks. Indeed devices with computing power have dramatically decreased in size to include mobiles, PDAs, and even RFID tags and sensor nodes, all interconnected by wireless networks. Indeed, the previous aims and scope of WG 11.2 already hints at this, mentioning "bits-like systems like intelligent tokens" and  "intelligent token and smart card applications". The original problem of lack of central security administration has extended in that such systems no longer span or operate within a single domain, but span many domains with conflicting interests. This reduction in node size, coinciding with an expansion of network size, has changed the focus of the research community. We see this in the conferences (co)sponsored by WG 11.2: CARDIS (on smart cards) and WISTP (Workshop in Information Security Theory and Practices: Smart Devices, Pervasive Systems, and Ubiquitous Networks). Indeed, this emerging research topic is typically referred to as "pervasive systems security". To remain in line with current terminology, we propose to change the name of WG 11.2 to Pervasive Systems Security.