International Federation for Information Processing


To promote information security education and training at the university level and in government and industry.


  • To establish an international resource center for the exchange of information about education and training in information security.
  • To develop model courses in information security at the university level.
  • To encourage colleges and universities to include a suitable model course in information security at the graduate and/or undergraduate level in the disciplines of computer science, information systems and public service.
  • To develop information security modules that can be integrated into a business educational training program and/or introductory computer courses at the college or university level.
  • To promote an appropriate module about information security to colleges and universities, industry and govern-ment.
  • To collect, exchange and disseminate information, relating to information security courses conducted by private organizations for industry.
  • To collect and periodically disseminate an annotated bibliography of information security books, feature articles, reports, and other educational media.